In 1961, Mr. Enzo César Affre took his first steps in the textile industry. Aware of the needs of the market, he began to adjust his machinery in order to manufacture net fabric for onion bags, developing the English woven net bags with cotton yarn.
    In 1965, following the evolution of the industry, he restructured his company in order to improve quality and to lower the cost of production, replacing the cotton yarn for plastic.
    This family business grew with work and effort and became, little by little, a well-known manufacturer of onion bags within the internal market.
    In 1983, Mr. Affre’s son joined the company. This generational change led to the incorporation of new technologies and renewed the enterprising spirit of the firm. Currently, his grandson continues his work, completing the evolution.
    The company developed its own technology and incorporated looms. Its products are known for their quality, variety and innovative design.
Textil SER currently supplies a large part of the local market with monofilament bags.


    Textil SER reflects a history of work, dedication, effort and development serving the needs of the market and would like to thank all the people who, in one way or another, have contributed and made it possible for Textil SER to continue growing.

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